Friday, June 19, 2009


Work work work. No time for anything else. Couldn't even get out this last couple days, which just about killed me on Wednesday.

Oh well. Can't get to them all. Next week looks active and I will have time, so here's to hoping for a chase or two in the near future.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 7 forecast- and RAIN

Sitting here listening to the lovely patter of raindrops on the roof. Up north here we missed out on the heavier stuff, but the ground is actually wet for the first time in weeks. I wish it would do this for the next week...

Tomorrow is a day I sure wish I could get out. Looking explosive down in southeast Nebraska and southwest Iowa. Finally a day with good moisture, good instability, plenty of upper support. Family comes first, so I will be armchairing again. Definitely the best set up of the year within shouting distance of our area, and the bonus might be the copious rain it sends our way.

Hearty congratulations to all the folks who scored last night, it sure was fun to watch. Yeah, I wished I was there, but it still is satisfying in a way to see all you guys come up big. Ma Nature finally put on a real show for everyone. It was really nice to see the V2 crew score big as well. They've waited long enough. The live footage was hands down the most incredible thing I have ever seen. If you didn't catch it, it's all over youtube. The shot down the vortex as the funnel tilted towards the camera was absolutely incredible. No other words for it. Amazing.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wouldn't this be nice?

Yeah, that's the GFS 96 hour accumulated precip by about next Wednesday. I certainly hope for once that this isn't overdone. We need rain any way we can get it, fast, slow, whatever.

If I were chasing the next 3 days, I would park in Colorado and stay there. Nothing seems a sure thing this weekend but after watching radar and live streams tonight, I would say Colorado would be a sure bet for the next couple days for some nice stuff. Probably would be alone in a sea of LPs. I've always wanted to chase out in eastern Colorado.

Looks really inactive around here for a while, which is fine because I blew some of my chase funds on stupid chases the last couple weeks and there's a family to feed and work to be done... looks like I'm back to radar/stream watching for a while.

One small edit: If tonight's NAM verifies, wow for Saturday night in southeast Nebraska...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pics from Sunday's chase

The rainbow, better than the storms...

Yesterday's "chase" and a bit on Common Sense

Mom and Dad raised me right. Believe it or not, they taught me to respect my elders, listen to those with experience, weigh good advice and make sound decisions.

Some how this year I've thrown all that out the window when it comes to looking for good storms up here. Yesterday I could have listened to the guys I respect, telling us to quit wishcasting, that moisture just doesn't magically appear. I knew in my heart that models usually over do moisture, and it looked terrible to begin with, but wouldn't you know it, I threw all that out the window and drove 4 hours to see junk again. Threw a beautiful afternoon away, when I could have spent it at home, grilling, sitting around and maybe later practicing some lightning photography.

Well guys, you know who you are, you tried to reason with me, but I'm too inexperienced and bullheaded to listen. I'm listening next time.

The cure for SDS is definitely NOT looking at junk.

I'll get some pics up on here soon from yesterday. Got some nice shots that made me wish I were a better photographer and had better equipment, but still nothing that made the drive worth it. Oh yeah, I also got into South Dakota, which, believe it or not, is a first for me. I know, lived here for 39 years, and never been to South Dakota. I wasn't really missing anything I guess.