Monday, June 1, 2009

Yesterday's "chase" and a bit on Common Sense

Mom and Dad raised me right. Believe it or not, they taught me to respect my elders, listen to those with experience, weigh good advice and make sound decisions.

Some how this year I've thrown all that out the window when it comes to looking for good storms up here. Yesterday I could have listened to the guys I respect, telling us to quit wishcasting, that moisture just doesn't magically appear. I knew in my heart that models usually over do moisture, and it looked terrible to begin with, but wouldn't you know it, I threw all that out the window and drove 4 hours to see junk again. Threw a beautiful afternoon away, when I could have spent it at home, grilling, sitting around and maybe later practicing some lightning photography.

Well guys, you know who you are, you tried to reason with me, but I'm too inexperienced and bullheaded to listen. I'm listening next time.

The cure for SDS is definitely NOT looking at junk.

I'll get some pics up on here soon from yesterday. Got some nice shots that made me wish I were a better photographer and had better equipment, but still nothing that made the drive worth it. Oh yeah, I also got into South Dakota, which, believe it or not, is a first for me. I know, lived here for 39 years, and never been to South Dakota. I wasn't really missing anything I guess.

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